Squirrels are mean and evil.

I packed away my storage, (there are 4 empty boxes in the picture), but that is all my stuff. I am bringing a small day pack of 38L and a medium North Face duffle bag. I am returning the back pack after Nepal because on my Half Dome hike, a squirrel damaged it. before the cables on the hike, I put my bag down, (like everyone else), and upon my return (45 minutes later), I find a squirrel ate thru the zipper and fabric to a rip open a zip lock bag to obtain the almonds. I will never again think about squirrels in the same way. They are obnoxious animals that eat backpacks! I had 8 miles down to think about it.

Fortunately, I called Sierra Trading company’s customer service and they have an amazing return policy. I can return the backpack for exchange no questions asked. Although I am sure they don’t really believe my story. It’s true. Hooray for Sierra Trading!



  1. lol…don’t blame the squirrels…it was your fault for leaving food in your bag…bears do a better job of ripping through bags and cars for that matter…you should know better being in Yosemite!


    1. I only intended to leave my bag for the climb on the cables. everyone else left there bag there as well, so it was not just my bag that was eaten.

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