Border crossing, take two.

I have never crossed a border by bus before today. It was surprisingly easy and customs was faster than by plane. I learned my lesson from last week and answered the custom agents questions swiftly without delay unlike the poor chap behind me.

A: What were you doing in Canada?
Visiting friends.
A: Where are you from?
New York City.

Moved on to the next custom agent
A: What were you doing in Canada?
Visiting friends.
A: What will you do in Seattle?
Visit friends.
A: Are you Canadian? (quick pause, cant you see the color of my passport indicates otherwise.)

Ok. Moved to the x-ray machine. Despite the bus driver’s insistent message, eat all your fruit before the border or reading the big sign that says declare all fruit, it was not necessary for me to eat all my grapes before the border. They didn’t care. They didn’t question why I had an orange in my bag. I could have saved the grapes for later.

The inexperienced guy behind me:
A: Where are you from?
A: What did you do in Canada?
I went on a cool Alaskan cruise, hiked Vancouver, now back to Seattle then a flight to Chicago.
A: Did you buy anything in Canada?
A jacket, hiking boots, some sweaters and trinkets of gold.

Really, did you just admit to buying trinkets of gold? The customs agent at this point doesnt care or want to know about your vacation but now they will continue to talk to you for another 15 minutes and search your bag. Lesson learned.

One more thing, I hate how AT&T knows exactly when you cross the border. Back to 4G instantly and no international roaming.

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