Sea to sky weekend

Hiked “the chief” in Squamish today, 2,200 feet up. It was not too challenging until we got close to the second peak, where there was a lot of scrambling and pulling on chains attached to the rock.

I learned this weekend, there is not a lot of industries in the sea to sky corridor, unless I wanted to work in tourism, hospitality or as a seasonal guide. There is also not a lot of diversity or community in these towns/villages. I think I might miss the culture and diversity of a city. I don’t think I am ready for a small town.

I also ruled out going to EMT/paramedic school. Although I could find employment after the program and certification in British Columbia. After the info session, I learned I do not want to sit in a car all day or drive an ambulance. Maybe, more interesting to me would be to work with a city’s emergency management services instead.

Canada is more expensive than the U.S. Gas is almost $5 to the gallon. Even with a stronger Canadian dollar, the cost of living in B.C is very high. I think it might be due to less demand and higher imports. They also do not have NPR or Target. 😦

After we returned from Squamish, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood called the Richmond. Why do all Asian people worldwide live in neighborhoods called the Richmond?

The waitress who seated us for dinner asked me, “liang wei, ma?” (seating for 2?) My odd response, “si. I mean, dui.”
I answered her mandarin speaking question with the affirmative in Spanish.
I have no idea why that happened.





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