Truckee, Tahoe, possible home

Had a great week in Truckee/Tahoe, returning to San Francisco tomorrow to wait out storage delivery. I love living in the mountains and I could learn to love the lake. If Vancouver does not work out, I could possibly call this home.

Photos around Truckee/Tahoe. My friend Kesia from Yosemite visited for the weekend.








    1. It’s a special place – be surrounding by mountains and the lake. Not sure about why the pics didn’t come through. I can see them posted on the website.

      Cheers… hope all is well back to school.

  1. I am so sad that you were mostly here without us. I can’t believe you organized/cleaned my fridge and closets–should be embarrassed but we were thrilled. Come back SOON! Our house (or RV–if you want more privacy) is your RV/house. XO Oh, and I ate 3 brownies upon arrival–thanks!


    1. I was hoping you won’t be mad about the tidying up. Just thought I could be helpful while I had so much down time. Had a great visit and it’ll be even better next time when you are there. 🙂 xoxo.

  2. Oh, looks like you found the site of the old rope swing (that someone deemed too dangerous, I guess–removed the rope) on Donner Lake. We used to do that one but now go to the lower one near Pier 12. Hope you found it. And cute pictures!


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