Day 1 of NOLS course. Fairly often I sign up for things that I rarely know the intensity of the situation. This NOLS class is like that. It’s hard, it’s real and it’s a semesters worth of material fit into 10 days. We even have hours worth of homework each evening. Twice in the evening we will have mock scenarios for practice. By the end, I will be certified to be a Wilderness first responder. My goal with the certification is to be better prepared for situations I personally find myself in. Maybe I might even be able to help someone in the future.

I met a girl in the class who offered to house me for the duration of the course after hearing my request for sharing a campsite. Very nice of her considering we just met. She is local and works at Yosemite. I didn’t want to stay in her home since I wanted to camp so I am compromising and I put up my hammock outside in her yard. It seems a perfect combination. I have the luxuries of home, shower, electricity and use of a kitchen while getting to sleep outside. I get to hear the coyotes howling in the distance, water running in a nearby stream and look above to see the stars. I am seriously not sure how this transition to real life is going to work. When offered a bed to sleep on indoors, I said I would rather sleep in my hammock hanging between two trees.





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