I didn’t get eaten by a bear last night so that’s the good news. Despite two sightings at camp 4 of cute small black bears I decided to hammock. One sighting was only 100 feet from where I camped. Everyone said bears shouldn’t bother me, they were only after the tortillas. Yesterday, a bear broke into someone’s car at the parking lot to get food. No one breaks into cars at Yosemite except bears. By the way, if you see a Black bear you are supposed to yell at it and try to scare it.

I took public transportation, Amtrak to Yosemite, which consisted of taking a shuttle bus from the Ferry building to Emeryville then a train to Merced and a local Yosemite bus. About 6 hours, $38 one way.

I arrived in Yosemite to the visitor center where I was told every camp site was full. I then went to Camp 4, (which is the back of El cap) the only walk in site and asked the first person I saw if they could do me a favor by saying I was staying with them on their campsite. Super nice college boy climbers said yes. I hiked with them that afternoon to their climb and met a few other campers. I used to be the type of person who needed structure, to do lists and organization. I am a little surprised at myself that I was ok with no plan and just arriving without a reservation.

Attached: photo of cute college boy climbers (Brendan and Milo). I loved that they had matching pink tie dye shirts. Trail marker for their climb, interesting tree and home for the night.





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