Road rash update

I went to the doctor today to check on the condition of my road rash and he said looks ok, will just take some time to heal. If you were wondering he said its not necessary to put Neosporin on it. Best to keep open and not covered with band aids. Ok to get wet but not to put any lotion, or ointments on until later. He advised not to roll around in the dirt in Yosemite to avoid infection. I said that might be difficult but if I have to lie in the dirt I will wear a jacket.

Off to Yosemite tomorrow for the 10 day NOLS Wilderness First Responder course. Excited to get back in my tent or hammock.

I have enjoyed living inside for the last week, seeing friends, resting and eating real food but I very much miss the outdoors.

Attached is a photo someone took of me biking through Capital Reef in Utah. This is where I long to be – on the open road with my friends.



  1. You must be in the best shape ever! Did you lose weight or gain? I forget muscle is heavier than look great and so happy! xoxo


  2. I haven’t been on your blog for a couple of weeks. So glad to hear you successfully completed your trip and are safely in San Fran. You are a wonderful role model…love the tattoos. My Father, who is 87, always says “there is no need for tattoos, if you are lucky to live long enough life will leave its mark”.

    You must feel like you can do ANYTHING! What a wonderful place to be.

    So good to see you looking so well. Take care.


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