Where is the f*** summit?

Today we had a 40 mile warm up, then two steep climbs, total 70 miles.

If you ever find yourself driving up a mountain pass, and see a cyclist huffing and puffing up the road, please do more than a thumbs up. Instead roll down the window or slow down and offer anything you have in the car, water, ice cream, rum, whiskey. I would have gladly accepted anything. I think it took 2 hours to go up and 10 minutes to descend. The descent was nice. I went 40 mph, speed limit was 30.

Yesterday, we stayed in Eureka, Nevada and the water contained lead. I had no idea there are towns in the U.S where water is undrinkable.

Today I took a private room shower where a mirror was available for the first time and I saw my back. I have tan lines on my back! A sports bra line and bib shorts lines – two crosses. Obviously our jerseys are not UV protected, had I known, I would have been spraying my clothes with sunblock. I now have a shorts line on my thighs, bib tan lines, sports bra tan lines on my back, sock lines on my ankles, sandal lines on my feet, glove lines on my hands and sunglasses lines on my face.

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