Nevada, 81 miles

I’ve been to at least 5 Wal-marts on this trip. My first Wendy’s in Kansas. My first McDonald’s in at least 20 years in Nevada.

At McDonald’s today, we had a free breakfast. I had an English muffin with eggs and an orange juice. The cashier asked me, “what are you riding for?” I said, “we are raising awareness and fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis.”. She said, “what do you get from it?” I said, “we get to ride across the country.”. She stared at me blankly, so i answered again but differently, “we get nothing.”. Then she shouted to the drive-in cashier, “see, I told you, they get nothing.”

Nevada: # 1 state to get hit by a car. There are no shoulders on the road so you have to ride with traffic and there are a lot of drivers who are not fans of cyclists. The loniliness road is not really the loniliness road in America, lots of trucks and cars.

Nevada: up, down, up, down, repeat. Why don’t they have any straight roads? nevada is a valley of climbs. Today 4 summits, 81 miles. The last climb was tough, not sure if it was because we already climbed 3 mountains or because there was a strong headwind, or because the grade was tougher than the first 3. Either way, it was a pretty long day. If you are still praying for me, can you pray for tailwinds too. Thanks.

Dinner – why do they smoke in restaurants? I thought when we hit Nevada we were back in civilization and diversity.






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