Cedar Break National Monument

Yesterday I slept in my hammock and it was freezing. I understand its Utah and we are at higher elevation but it was seriously cold. I put on almost all my layers and still was frigid last night.

We climbed a massive mountain today to reach Cedar Breaks National Monument (photo below), the summit was 10,000 feet. At the rest stop- overlook, I actually put my helmet back on my head because it made me feel safer looking over the edge. The altitude was hard on today’s climb. Lots of difficulty breathing and felt dizzy and light headed at times. I’ve hardly felt those symptoms while hiking or snowboarding but I think it’s different biking and exerting more energy.

When I reached the summit, Drew looked at my tires and sadly noted the pressure was only at 40 psi. Normal should be 110 psi. This means I was climbing with practically a flat tire. Pretty sad. Downhill was amazing and scary. I saw a sign that said “truck runaway pull over only.”. If I am interpreting this correctly, it means trucks can’t break and need an emergency lane? I also saw an RV stuck, because their breaks were smoking and over heating. My breaks didn’t over heat. I did use them a lot because it was raining and still managed to average 30-40 mph. Alex had a top speed of 57 mph. Total mileage today was around 80. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it was a challenging day.

Tomorrow is our last off day. I hope to spend the majority of the day lying down and not moving.




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