Welcome to Utah

Writing as I sit in the laundromat…

My observation of the day – we crossed the border today into Utah and suddenly there are lots of people of color. I am tempted to ask them how they got to this state. In our travels, I have not seen many people that look like me, maybe one family but not more than that.

Today’s 85 mile day was pretty good until the last 25 when I encountered headwinds. Headwinds make you feel like a fan is blowing you backward. It’s not pleasant.

For the next two days we travel through the desert and will not have cell phone coverage, probably no showers too.

We picked up a few more tag alongs (self supported riders) who are traveling the same way and I have mixed feelings about them. They said they specifically met up with us so they could use our services to make it thru the desert. With the British group, I felt more generosity because they were aware of how they became part of our group and made donations to our cause. We raised funds and awareness to participate in this ride and the new riders that tag along use our services without giving back. I don’t think that’s fair or nice.

We only have a few weeks left but every time I pass a laundromat I do a load, even if it’s small. Clothes are much cleaner than hand washing and in 13 minutes – instant dry clothes. What a concept! I love it.

If I were to do a trip like this again, I would bring more clothes so I would not have to be constantly concerned about hand washing or making sure I have enough kits. I bought 3 but that was on the low side, 5 would have been better.

Things I sent home:
1 t shirt
Boot covers
Sun arm Warmers
Broken head lamp
Foam roller
1 convertible jacket/vest

I have used every item I have brought on this trip.

Things I had to purchase along the way:
New pair of bibs – sent mine in for repair/warranty, received credit
Leg Warmers – brought the wrong size prior to the trip. Mediums were unisex. Bought small size before Monarch Pass climb.
New helmet – crack in old one
More powerful front bike light
Two more insulated water bottles
small bottle of Tide, (better than the organic laundry detergent)
Went thru one pair of gloves (bought 2 pairs because 2 did not dry quickly enough during earlier part of the trip)

Bought two long sleeve shirts along the way, not necessary but I wanted to buy them and they are being used.

Things I went thru so far:
2 cans of sunblock
1 bottle of aloe
1 bottle of dz nuts bliss
2 chap sticks
30 pack of action wipes travel size and 15 individual wipes
Endless amounts of cliff shot bloks and cliff bars
Lots of honey stringer blocks and waffles

Items included in care packages that I should have packed:
Tarp and rope
Hammer heed, powder mixes, and nutritional supplements
New headlamp
Portable sheets of hand soap

Note on packing in the trailer – individual totes might have been better than one giant duffle and also maybe organizing clothing in plastic zip lock bags have been more helpful.

A single tent would have been better than my 10 year old 2 person tent. Less to pack and carry.


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