Utah map

Normally I don’t read our maps in great detail. I usually prefer not to know if there is a massive climb forthcoming. However for whatever reason before going to bed tonight I read the riding conditions section of our new map for Utah. Below is exactly what the map says…
“this section of the Western Express Route is considered very difficult due not only to terrain (grades 6%-14% in Utah), but also due to lack of water, temperatures extremes, and long mileages without services.”

“heading east from cedar city there is a long, steep climb of 15 miles.”

“on map 36, the highlight (or terror) on this section is… 3 mile stretch of narrow two-lane road along a ridge spine with no shoulders or guardrails and has drops on both sides. Ride carefully and defensively.”

Who writes these riding conditions? Couldn’t they write something more pleasant to look forward to, like how we are riding through four national parks.

What has been interesting about each state is there are no easy days.
Each state has it’s own level of difficulty, none better or worse than the other.

Attached is a photo from last night. I enjoy sleeping in my hammock, just when it’s not raining or there are no mosquitoes and bugs out. The boys don’t seem to mind either. They have cleverly rigged their hammocks to put a tarp above it so when it rains theoretically they stay dry.


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