Dallas Summit 8000 ft.

Today we climbed yet another big mountain. Dallas Summit, 8000 ft. Then we had a nice descent before another big climb into Telluride. Tomorrow is our day off and I have a few errands to do, but i might try to get in some rock climbing or short hike since we are in a ski town.

I am exhausted from today’s climb and happy to be sleeping in a bed with a pillow. Every rest day I have slept in a bed and it is worth it to recharge and rest.
Blacksburg/Roanoke, VA – rest day 1 – Nenden’s house.
Carbondale, Illinois – rest day 2 – at Matt’s house
Pueblo, Colorado – rest day 3 – Hampton Inn Suites – courtesy of Eric
Telluride, Colorado – rest day 4 – Victoria Inn, sharing room with Robert and Sharon (shared expense)

Attached are some photos from the road from today’s ride.






  1. I understand why you are loving Colorado! You are doing just great and your friends at MH are so proud of you! Need any more snacks?


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