Monarch Pass 11,000 ft.

Day 37: almost crushed by a moving house. We were climbing Monarch Pass yesterday and I heard beeping behind us. I turned around and saw a truck with “oversize load” sign. Behind the truck were two houses. I moved all the way to the edge of the shoulder. Then I see Colin ahead of me, get off his bike and waved at me to move over. I quickly got off my bike and moved onto the dirt. As soon as I got off my bike, the two houses passed and they would have crushed me had I stayed on the shoulder. They didn’t even slow down. Thanks Colin for looking out for me, and thanks for all of you who are praying for my safety. I’m sure it helped.

Today, we descended Monarch Pass. The descent was worth the climb. I love the truck sign. It means something great is on the other side. Attached are photos from the day.










  1. Glad you’re safe! Those big trucks are scary! Congrats in crossing the Divide – looks beautiful, and must have been an epic day!!!


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