Yesterday it was so hot, my face felt like it was on fire for hours after we finished biking. I think I might turn into a fireball and combust on the side of the road. Hills and heat equal very difficult days.

I have eaten 3 tuna fish sandwiches in 3 different towns in Missouri in the past 24 hours. The last one made me sick and I have wanted to throw up for the last 10 miles. I tried to eat them so I would get more protein but that was a failed attempt. I am done with tuna fish and subway. Contributing to feeling ill, might also be drinking 2 yoo-hoos at lunch. They have a lot of sodium, which is good for you but lots of other not useful ingredients.

Subway really was the only place to eat on route. Gas stations are available but i once read you should not eat in the same place you buy your gas.

Yesterday in Hartville, Subway was the only establishment open until 9 pm (aside from the grocery store and gas station). We stayed there for at least four hours until closing, recharging our devices and brushing our teeth in the bathroom.

Tonight, in Ash Grove, I stopped by the supermarket and could not find anything I wanted. I miss Trader Joes or Wegmans. I took a picture of the types of food available at this supermarket.

The other photo is what Alex ate at a rest stop this afternoon. I’ve never met someone who actually bought those artificial candy items and ate them.



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  1. Oh you poor thing! I would be having a hard time in the food department too! Praying you find something nurishing and healthful soon! Keep up the good work, you are doing great!


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