Emergency room

I told my friend before I left for this trip I would do my best to not make a trip to the Emergency Room. I guess I didn’t try hard enough, because Day 15, I find myself waiting in the E.R for medical attention.

Today was supposed to be a short day, easy ride. However around 19 miles in, Bob was riding ahead of me, probably only 50 feet and a St. Bernard starts chasing him. Bob rides away but the dog upset, waits by the side of the road. There was nothing I could do to avoid him. He starts charging straight at me, scratches and bites my back leg. I pull over and Bob goes back down the road to talk to the owners of the dog. The owners promptly go inside and shut their doors.

At the rest stop, we call Animal Control. When they arrived we drove back to the house to find the dog and it’s owners. I identified the house that the dog could have come from and then went off to the Hardin Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

I spoke to Nelson county Animal Control a few hours later and they think they know which house the St. Bernard belongs to and when find the dog, it will be quarantined for 10 days. Hopefully the dog has all its shots. Rabies is very rare in the state of Kentucky and I have opted not to get that vaccine. It would be a series of shots over a 7 day period, staying in the same place. I said I would wait to hear back when the dog has been found. Rabies = death said the doctor. But she said since the wound is small and not many levels deep, I should be fine and can opt for the vaccine in a few days if I should reconsider after hearing back from Animal control.

I am completely fine, so don’t worry. They said I can take showers and bike tomorrow. Just no playing in pools, lakes or creeks. I will ride on.

Below is a photo but it’s just a lot of gauze.



  1. OMG-WTF. Hang in the van with the driver for a few days. You need to recoup. I won’t say what I really want to say since this is a public forum.


  2. Please take it easy, Liane. I haven’t read all the posts, but this one stood out like a sore thumb. Thank you for keeping your friends in the loop.


  3. Wow, Liane! This is crazy and I’m so sorry that it happened! I hope that damn dog has its vaccinations. I’m so upset with those negligent owners! Terrible! You’re tough, girl and I love your perserverance. Let me know if you need anything…where’s that pepper spray? Are you going to ride with it in your back pocket now?


    1. Thanks Nenden. I had the pepper spray on me, but it wouldn’t have helped. The dog charged directly into me and had a head start. I’m doing ok so no need to worry. Thanks for the love and support.

  4. Thinking of you because I know how that feels, having been chased many times myself and almost wrecking. Take care of yourself!!! I’m so sorry. 😦


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