Hayter’s Gap

I once said biking was fun, easy on the joints but I was wrong. Hayter’s Gap, a 4 mile climb with 6% degree of difficulty, made me want to cry. It made me hurt in all the places I am weak- left knee, IT band, hips. I can’t believe it knew exactly where I needed to improve. I’m also 100% sure the reason for me being slow has nothing to do with my fitness but my severe lack of nutrition. I am burning over 3000 calories daily and barely consuming 1000, all of which is likely carbs. I am eating nuts, berries, and granola bars like a squirrel but it’s not enough. Fortunately, today we have a new rider who joined us who is vegan. He is giving me some supplements to try.

The only fun thing today was I went down a descent at 40 mph.

Sleeping today in a church – shower today entailed walking through a garden to get to the hose. Washed hair and action wipes again.

All else is ok – all limbs attached and still working.

Looking forward to an easy day, low mileage tomorrow.


  1. Girl, you gotta eat some real food! On my ride today, I ate Nutter Butters, Fig Newtons, and cheese sandwich crackers – not all the best choices, but easily digestible and filling. Ham and cheese sandwiches, PB&J and other high calorie snacks are great. Nuts and fruits are good, but you need more high glycemic index foods that you’ll burn up without your stomach having to do so much work to digest. I wouldnt recommend using too much Gu or Gatorade as calories – those can actually cause you to dehydrate because they’re so concentrated that they leach water out of your bloodstream to dilute in your digestive system. I’ll send you some of my awesome Skratch drink mix – I’ve been using it the past few weeks on really long rides and I love it! Check out their website and watch some of his videos if you can – blew my mind re: cycling and nutrition!!! Skratchlabs.com, I think. And don’t forget to eat a good, high calorie meal when you get done for the day! Also, chocolate milk is a great recovery drink – lots of electrolytes, nutritious, tasty, and decent amount of calories for a small amount of drink. Hope this helps!!!!


    1. How on earth did I miss the vegetarian part??? So maybe no ham sandwiches… You can make little mini burritos with black beans and rice in a tortilla. Fits right in your jersey pocket! πŸ™‚

  2. It sounds like you are enjoying your adventure and Bart and I are enjoying hearing about it. Glad you got to see Nendan–I bet that was fun. Now, about your nutrition: remember when you were training for the triathlon and you were feeling tired and sick and that the nutritionist was shocked at the amount of calories you were taking in? I’m no expert on what to suggest, but it sounds like you better start increasing your intake asap. So glad to hear that a vegan has joined you. If there are any supplies you need (that I can get in the city), let me know and we’ll FedEx them to your next destination. Love you!!!


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