One less towel

Like many of my ideas, half serious, half crazy. I am thinking about shaving my head again. (Yes, again). For those of you who knew me when I was 19, I had met Naomi TuTu (Desmond Tutu’s daughter) and I thought she looked so beautiful without hair. It inspired me to see what I would look like. I buzzed it all off and surprisingly it was not revolutionary. I still looked exactly the same. The only difference was how society treated me. Many people thought I was sick, perhaps going through a treatment. Others weren’t sure how to deal with me, looking androgynous.

I am thinking about buzzing off my hair again for practical reasons – less to pack. No hair means one less towel, no headbands, less hair product – no conditioner. It seems like upside. The downside is last time I cut all my hair it took a long time to grow back.

Your thoughts? vote, yes, cut the hair? Or no, keep it?


  1. No, definitely keep it. Otherwise you would still need hats/something to keep your head warm during the night, no?


  2. keep it!!! ps thanks for the package; it was very sweet if you especially in the midst of such a journey as yours


  3. Keep it, your hair will do a good job of keeping sweat out of your eyes. As a bald man, I have to wear something on my head when biking just so I don’t have sweat burning my eyes, not to mention the helmet patterned tan lines I get on my scalp without it.


  4. NEGATIVE: You would have to keep on applying sunscreen on your bald shiny head.
    PLUS: You’ll look like a badass biker chick although having totoro kinda negates that.


  5. Keep it! You’ll end up needing a do-rag for your sweat, as it grows in over the course of the month it’ll become itchy, and I would imagine the helmet would be uncomfortable without hair friction. Shave it when you’re done so this time when people ask why you shaved your head, you can tell them you just biked across the country!


  6. Though, why does your hair need it’s own towel? I know you have that great microfiber wicking thing, but it’s not a need. And why would you bring conditioner? I would forgo it or use a 2-in-1.


  7. Liane, I vote for you to do what you want! Sounds like there is many pros (as you listed) and cons that others have listed…


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