Mountain Goats

To the dude who said encouragingly with a smile, “only 20 more miles to go.”  Better, would have been, “5 more miles until the next rest stop.”

I likely would have caught a cab back to the start line had it not been for the fact, I was in a State Park and I didn’t remember to bring any cash with me.

50 flat miles yesterday, 60 HILLY miles today.  Elevation gain 3665 ft.  Burned 3000 calories.  I liked going downhill at 30 mph, but there was a price to pay on the other side.  I wish I were a better climber.  I really want hills to be my friends.  I’d like to have the skill set of a mountain goat.  Something to work on.


  1. Some say that hills never get easier, you just get faster! But that does mean you’re done sooner, so I guess it works. I think hills do get easier with work – they still hurt, but by gaining some confidence, you learn not to dread them quite so much. 🙂


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