First 50

My first thought after finishing about 50 miles (3 hours, 23 minutes) today was, “is this what my hair is going to look like everyday?”  Second thought, 50 miles took a long time.  Third thought, being the Power Ranger that I am, and will likely morph into a different shape by the end of this ride, why am I even bothering to ship clothing to California?  Maybe I can pack one less box.

I woke up around 7:30, ate breakfast, left the house and drove to our meeting spot.  We started around 9:30, stopped to chat with some friends on the trail, stopped to refill our water bottles and a bathroom break… ending around 1 p.m.  I didn’t even stop for a hobbit lunch break!  It only occurred to me today, biking 70 miles a day is going to take all day with stops.  While much of the world, goes to work from 9-5, my days will be biking 9-5.  Maybe my dad was right, I should bike a little faster.

Attached is a New Yorker cartoon representing what I think my days will look like:

Below is a link to the stats from today.  First link is on Strava, second is with Garmin.  Everyone says Strava is better, but I don’t really see the difference yet.  If you think one site is better than the other, please comment.  Thanks.“>

One Comment

  1. Liane…It mainly depends on when you leave in the morning. Early birds get less heat and less wind. We had a group in 2010 that left between 7 and 8:00 am. Last year, I think there were some folks leaving around 6:00. I never felt any need to do that unless it was overly hot or windy. Then I could shoot to wrap up around 3 or 4:00 pm…with a couple of nice stops along the way.
    Within 2 weeks, you will be at your peak conditioning and keep it the rest of the way.


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