De-cluttering life

My friend said I should start a side business based on my success selling my personal housewares and furniture on Craigslist.  I’ve sold approximately $1,500 of my own items to help fund this trip.  The items sold were items I was not expecting to move across country. The majority of items were sold on CL, others through word of mouth and email.

Some tips if you are looking to downsize:  if you haven’t used an item in 6 months, it should be sold, gifted/given away, or donated (unless it is a seasonal item).  It doesn’t matter who gave it to you, or how much it originally cost.  If you don’t find it useful, love it, or reference it, give it away.

Give away those free t-shirts you picked up at a race.  Give away those clothes that you tolerate, the ones you wear but don’t love.  Give away those appliances that sit on the shelf but never use.

I try to keep incoming purchases to a 1-1 ratio.  If you are buying a new jacket, you are replacing a worn one.  This will help keep you from acquiring too much.  Of course, this rule does not apply to bags.  You need lots of bags for different occasions.

J. says I should go into people’s homes, take all their unwanted items and sell them.  I can get a portion of the profit from the items that sold and those items that cannot be sold, can be donated.  Not a bad freelance idea.  Thanks J.

For those of you who need help de-cluttering life, I recommend you start with the kitchen, then move on to the closet.  You only need one spatula.

It’s a good project, even if you are not moving across country.  Start with one room at a time.  It’s freeing to only keep the things you love, use and reference.  Good luck.


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