Introducing Izzy, once fast and furious has been transformed into a strong and sexy endurance road bike.

Favorite upgrades include:

  1. Lizard Skin handlebar tape:  (relieves pressure on hands), loving it.
  2. GatorHardShell tires:  I feel invincible from flats.  It’s like riding an armadillo.
  3. ISM Adamo Century saddle:  At the fitting, I felt like I was at the optometrists’ office.  Can you see better now?  Do you prefer 1 or 2?   I’m not sure.  I can’t handle the pressure.  It wasn’t actually stressful, but apparently, the saddle is adjusted to your height/angle preferences.  I haven’t put in enough miles yet.  It feels comfortable and better than previous saddle.  The design relieves pressure and creates better positioning by sitting properly on your sit bones.
  4. Front and Back road lights – they resemble pretty rings.  Izzy has some bling.

A few other gadgets I am considering: a Garmin bike computer and Mac Airbook (or inexpensive lightweight computer not tablet/netbook/iPad/Kindle, etc.)  The outdoor enthusiast in me says you don’t need it to enjoy your trip.  The performance-driven side says I want to analyze routes, measure speed, distance, time, altitude.  I want to download photos and write grammatically correct sentences on my blog.  I’m not sure what to do.  For those reading and want to “gift” me a present (aside from a generous donation to the fundraising effort), there is my wish.

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