Thank you, next.

I have wanted to write for sometime but I have been so busy with school.  School is still overwhelming but I feel like in my 3rd semester I’ve finally gotten into the groove about being a student again.  Too bad it took this long to feel comfortable because next semester I begin to transition out of being student.  I hope the next time around it doesn’t take this long.  I know, I’m barely out of school and already I know I’m going back to school (later in life) for my next degree and the degree after that.  I’m sure I’ll be a FNP – family nurse practitioner and one day I might get a DNP to teach.  You know, when I grow up one day.   In reflection, thinking about my time here at Duke has really been extraordinary and I am so grateful.  I am surrounded by amazing, supportive faculty, staff and students.  I love that I can interact

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Fall & flannel sheets

I feel like I need a vacation from today’s clinical. My shoulders hurt. They feel like they are holding the weight of the world. I came home after the twelve hour shift, straight to the shower to wash away the sorrow. Now I am bundled in bed surrounded by the warmth of my flannel sheets and they make me feel better. I haven’t learned yet to be less compassionate, that is to not take “work” home with you. After days like today, I allow myself only one day to feel sad about the world and then make myself get over it by tomorrow. To move on, not linger and do some self therapy, like sleep in, read a not school book, or go on a hike. I’ve been obsessed lately with reading all about Megan Markle. That helps with the alternate reality of life. Some things I have struggled with as of late: the truth in working with an obese

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North Carolina State Fair

Parking ($10), free admission with the donation of 5 cans of food for the food drive. I wanted fried pickles but was told it was in the fried vegetable platter ($9).. alas it was not, but I did really like the fried broccoli and fried sweet potato.  I could have done without the onion rings or peppers.  My friend had a TURKEY LEG ($10?), which was the largest turkey leg I have ever seen.  We finished the food fest with a fried pumpkin pie ($8) which wasn’t very good.  My friend said it reminder her of a wonton.  I was debating between trying the fried pumpkin pie and the fried cheesecake.  Neither I think was a good choice of calories. We didn’t ride any “rides” but we did take the round trip ($8) ski lift around the park.  I also would have liked to win a giant stuffed animal but I wasn’t ready to give away all my money just

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Fall changes

I read this funny joke: the weather changed from 90 to 50, like it saw a state trooper. I love the change in the weather. The mornings are cool and crisp. I can wear boots and jackets soon. I can bundle under a thick blanket. We are in the 7th of 12th week of school. I am very much still taking each day at a time but have started to really consider where I will live post graduation. My friends who are graduating in December, a few accepted offers back home in August and the majority have announced acceptance of local positions this week. Which means, in the 4th semester, they interviewed, applied, and accepted jobs by October for a Feb start with the condition they past Boards in Dec/Jan. If I translate that timeline to my graduation date, I may be like the lucky few to accept a position in December or start the job search in January and

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